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Random from my friend's Ocs



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Jul 31, 2015
2:18 am
Jul 31, 2015
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Jul 31, 2015
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Jul 31, 2015
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Jul 31, 2015
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What is your first language? 

119 deviants said English
31 deviants said Spanish
18 deviants said other. (Too many to put here XD)
6 deviants said Portugués
6 deviants said German
5 deviants said French
3 deviants said Filipino
3 deviants said Polish
2 deviants said Japanese
No deviants said Chinese


Queen-Harpy-Bee's Profile Picture
Melisa Lucina

Nobody special...just a random phographer and gamer that's it XD
If you don't wanna give a llama back is fine. however:

1-please don't comment on my profile saying you won't. ((no need to.))
2-Don't ask me why i give you one or how i found you. ((I just give them randomly with an app))
3-and most important,Don't try to pick a fight or to argue with me for giving you one. ((there's really no need to get overwork over it.))

Y si hablo español tambien. :dummy:
ID by Aticum :D


.:I Love Psychos:. Stamp by YinYangLammyForeign Music by genkistampsStamp: If you can't handle me by JammerleeDark Side Stamp by Teeter-EchidnaStamp: Dark Side by porpieritaOC's are the best by birdewilliamsTomboy and Girly-Girl by LinkerbellMy Attitude by Fyi-SusFruits of the Triforce - STAMP by TheGreenDragonGirlOscar Wilde Quotes 3 by Claire-stampsIt's No Excuse Stamp by In-The-ZoneWorry So Much stamp by Mirz123True Friends Stamp by Mirz123..Real Paper Stamp.. by Rabid-WeaselsMinish Vaati support stamp by Vanghiratard by BaconMagicgrumpycat by rosariocentralplzGrumpy Cat stamp by biiriWe tried. by EfanielStamp: Gentleness by delusional-dreamsStamp: Kindness by delusional-dreamsStamp: Listener by delusional-dreamsStamp: Self Control by delusional-dreamsLaughter Heals by delusional-dreamsLove by MarzarretFriends by KiagouTombBe Kind Stamp by SouthrobinFriends Make Mistakes Too by mylastelEssence of Friendship Stamp by mylastelStamp: The Future Belongs to by SouthrobinStamp: Words of Encouragement by SouthrobinStamp: The Loneliest People by SouthrobinCussing by Vexic929Friendship Should Trascend Difference by Mintaka-TKJust Don't by Mintaka-TKDifferent Opinions Stamp by mylastelExcuse Stamp by TheBloodskinsOne or Two Friends is Enough by mylastelKnow Me Better Stamp by mylastelFriends stamp by Meddle689My friend stamp by TransitusI don't know you enough. by PrincessFlawreal friends vs fake ones by silver-escapeConsole wars. by Monster-BoarI hate stereotypes stamp by YangHarmonyfriends are inspirations stamp by piijeniusI Love Cute Things by AlbinoSeaTurtlelearning other languages stamp by DejiNyucuThink before you type stamp by andariaParty Hard Scootaloo Stamp by mariokinzNostalgia Critic by shortviewWarning hyperness stamp by AzixelYGOTAS: Hug :Stamp: by LauNachtyrWhy so British by Cute-and-CuddlyYGOTAS: Wanker - Stamp by NemisorSoulmates by IshdakittyBest friends stamp by AquaQueen27Stamp - Smart Fangirls by aromabayleafDo Not Feed The Fangirl Stamp by LadyLiyanHug Stamp by SparkLumZelda stamp -revised- by HorsesnhurricanesBeing Friend Stamp by Mirz123RP cute stamp by himawari-tanOuran Stamp by Vexic929Howl's Castle Stamp 49 by FlusjaaHowl's Castle Stamp 48 by FlusjaaZelink -Hyrule Warriors (( Stamp)) by Soraya-Mendez: Stamp: Sailor Moon Crystal #3 by ichiipanpan: Stamp: Sailor Moon Crystal #5 by ichiipanpan: Stamp : Sailor Moon Crystal #1 + NEWS!!!!!! by ichiipanpanFree! stamp: cop Rin Matsuoka. by jellyfisshesFree! | Stamp by Luu-ElricRant Stamp by In-The-ZonePurple Eyes Stamp by MyoijinPet Kikwi stamp by LordPendragonOfCariaI love Winter White Russian Dwarf Hamsters by WishmasterAlchemistI love Dwarf Hamsters by WishmasterAlchemistStuff Stamp by LOLBATMANStamp - I support DINNER by kuchinawaKing Stamp (UPDATED VERSION) by ToaJahliI Support Mah Boi Stamp by HidanKakuzuPsychoGalThe King Laughing Stamp by Tripp-X-FoxxLonk stamp by Pixelpaw12345Stamp: Stop the Hate by HyaIitePurple dA by stuck-in-suburbiaEqual Rights FTW by stuck-in-suburbiaStamp: Free-Thinker by 8manderz8Don't Stereotype Me Stamp by silber-engleinWind Waker Stamp by FreezingIceKirbyI wish I could give you a hug by CatusSnakeKrystal Stamp by pyrohmstrCharlie Sheen is a ninja Stamp by Fyi-SusSquishy Stamp Off the Port Bow by endlerExceptForThemCertainOnes by endler-Shopkeeper Dance Stamp- by ccucco-No Thank You Stamp- by ccucco:S: Im Tsundere by HinachuuLlamas by stuck-in-suburbiaI'll Send My Heart Stamp by mylastelWeird Stamp by JetProwerTheFoxEmoticons Stamp by KatieBug-x...5 by SirvanaRachanaComments Stamp by MrsZeldaLinkFriendship stamp by JinZhanI love my Friends by Sedma:Community Love is Contagious by BeMyValentinePlzBeating Heart Stamp by Vexic929:heartbeat: by BeMyValentinePlz:iconfourezlosplz:I Support Fluffy Romance Stamp by Latias-FlyerGood Heart Stamp by JetProwerTheFoxThe Dark Side Stamp by CaddielookAnti-Drama RP Stamp by KisumiKitsuneFriends ARE Family: Stamp by Katze-Cat-KuroNekoSupport OC Love Stamp by Krazys-StampsO w O by SushirolledDA Stamp - Care About Both 01 by tppgraphicsYou don't need to be related to be a family. by Little-rolling-bean:iconfriendoclove1plz::iconfriendoclove2plz:Rain by SNlCKERSI DON'T GIVE A SHIT WHAT YOUR SKIN COLOR IS. by World-Hero21Fun Insane Stamp by JetProwerTheFoxTeam Link-stamp by LinZeldorfDark Pit Stamp by Astre-Thief

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.:Nyan Nyan Dark:. by MayJasmine






Doing 2 tags

Fri Jul 24, 2015, 11:12 AM
Before my premium runs out and yeah with Kaneki skin journal :heart:
but before that i want to say that i won't be going for the site but i'll stop submitting and just stay for fav only.
maybe i'll submit stuff but not much.

Anyways these 2 tags i stolen them from Queen bunny thing :iconmayjasmine:

Gothic Roses by AngelicHellraiserFirst questions.

1. What country where you born into? Anything you'd like to say about your home country? I'm curious and I would love to learn more about different cultures. Mexico! Hmm nothing much i can say about it now. XP

2. Have you ever been to Asia? In that regard, ever visited the Philippines?
Nope but just my sisters e.e I would love to!!

3. Have you ever been to a tropical country? (I live in one lol)
No ;w; 

4. Have you considered teaching as a career, or even as a part time job?
Gosh no XD I think it will stress me much haha

5. Clear skies or rain?
RAIN :la:

6. What is your favourite planet?
Jupiter and Saturn owo

7. If you have heard of my project Heliosphere [shameless self-promotion], who is your favourite character and why? It may be a star, a planet, or even dwarf planets and asteroids. Or black holes!If not, which space object had always fascinated you the most?

Mei Mei baby and George :love: and about real space i don't remember much,i look into space stuff when i was little but i forgot many things :c

8. Have you ever been fascinated with space?
Yes like 10 years ago or little more XD 

9. Have you seen the real face of Pluto yet? July 2015 was the New Horizons flyby that finally showed Pluto's real appearance since its discovery decades back!
Yup! in my feedback on FB,everyone was talking about it owo

10. If you were given a chance to live somewhere close to nature, would you choose somewhere by the beach or somewhere near the forest?
By the beach of course! :D

11. Because of my earlier shameless self-promotion, time to promote yourself. Care to share anything about any OCs, or any project of yours? If not, maybe you could tell us a little about yourself that you always wanted to share!
I just have like one story on mind but i won't share anything sorry. ^^;

12. Would you prefer office work or a different nature of job?
Different one like working with animals XD

13. Introvert, extrovert, or ambivert (mixture of introvert and extrovert)?
Mixture of both but still more introvert.

Divider o2 by AngelicHellraiser
Now her test meme with her Ocs.

Gothic Bat Candle (Purple) by AngelicHellraiserWhich Heliosphere: Under the Sky main cast character are you?

☉ Emperor Helios (SUN)
[] You are stern.
[X] If needed, you will be more than willing to assume responsibility.
[] You are quite stoic.
[X] You have a strong instinct.
[] A RIDICULOUSLY strong one that scares you.
[] You have people you trust with your life.
[] Sometimes you tend to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.
[/] You are scared of yourself.
[] Sometimes, you just don't know your own limits.
[] You can lead well.
Total: 2 1/2

☿ Hermesio (MERCURY)
[] You are petite.
[/] You change your mood rather quickly.
[X] You are faithful and loyal to those you love, no matter what happens.
[] You are a perfectionist.
[] You move around quickly.
[] You are very punctual.
[X] You consider yourself reliable to your friends.
[] Sometimes you take things a little too seriously.
[] You are self-giving... very self-giving, even til death.
[] You look up to someone very highly.
Total: 2 1/2

♀ Venus
[] You conceal your true self from the public.
[/] You consider yourself beautiful, or at least you think people consider you beautiful.
[] You are afraid of what people may think of your true self.
[X] You have at least one sibling.
[X] You are single, but you're fine with that.
[] You're fine with the hot weather.
[] Day or night makes no difference to you and it doesn't really matter.
[/] You're self-conscious.
[] You're not much of a conversationalist.
[] You give off a mysterious yet somewhat alluring vibe.
Total: 3

♁ Terrius (EARTH)
[/] You are optimistic.
[X] You love animals and/or plants!
[X] You have a best friend you trust so much.
[X] You are naturally curious. Very curious.
[X] You want to be able to do everything to help your friend in need.
[] Even if it means it annoys them.
[] You're quite oblivious of other's feelings, without meaning any harm!
[] You continue to be optimistic, even when you're sick or when you're not feeling well.
[/] You prefer a balance of everything; not too much or too little.
[] You feel a little special in a way that you're blessed with something most people don't have.
Total: 5 o.o

♂ Ares (MARS)
[X] You are tsundere.
[X] You're not a big fan of what they call "socialising". 
[X] You don't seem to have the best luck in the world. 
[X] You have one person who you actually trust.
[/] You're afraid to admit your real feelings about basically anything.
[] You have at least one childhood friend you grew up with.
[] You love the colour red.
[/] You wish you weren't so pessimistic at times.
[] You tend to be cold when facing people.
[/] You tend to keep grudges, even if you don't really want to.
Total: 5 1/2 yeah i'm an Ares XD

♃ Jove (JUPITER)
[] You feel like you owe your life to someone greatly.
[] You are a good leader.
[] You are stubborn.
[] You don't care if you hurt other people as long as you get what you want.
[X] When you commit yourself to something or someone, you really mean it.
[] You are tall.
[] You have knowledge in at least one fighting discipline/martial arts/etc.
[X] You like storms to an extent.
[] You like the colour orange.
[] You will fight for what you believe, to the very end.
Total: 2

♄ Cronus (SATURN)
[] You consider yourself elegant.
[] You believe that you owe your success to other people/friends.
[/] Your past haunts you.
[/] You consider yourself helpful to those you think are in need.
[X] You consider yourself modest.
[] You feel that you have admirers, but you're not so sure what to feel about it.
[/] Sometimes you feel like you don't deserve what you have.
[/] You have someone you feel like you can't leave, no matter what.
[] You love rings (as in jewellery or ornaments).
[] You tend to be self-conscious.
Total: 3

⛢ Yuri (URANUS)
[] You have a brother/sister.
[] You have a twin.
[] You are an airhead.
[X] Something happened in your life that may have changed you forever.
[] You believe that ignorance is bliss.
[X] You could care less about what others think of you.
[/] You're very protective of someone.
[] You're content with whatever you have at hand.
[] You love the cold weather.
[] Sometimes you may appear a little too normal or plain to others.
Total: 2 1/2

♆ Kaiosei (NEPTUNE)
[] You have a twin.
[] You have a brother/sister.
[X] You're less outgoing than your sibling/s.
[X] You tend to keep to yourself.
[X] Sometimes you may be a little too serious.
[X] You have a childlike side that you're afraid to let people see.
[] You sometimes have guilt trips.
[X] You actually love storms.
[] You tend to be a little too passive for your own good.
[X] You may be silent, but you can actually be fiercer than most if needed.
Total: 6 

♇ Meiosei (PLUTO)
[X] You are very picky with friends.
[] You are cynical.
[X] You have a best friend you trust with your life.
[] You trust them too much that some people get the wrong idea.
[/] You do have other friends, but you're not much of a social type.
[/] Sometimes you feel like you're surrounded by idiots, no matter where you go.
[] You like hoodies.
[] You usually have no sense of humour.
[X] You would prefer to live where there is less sunlight.
[] You are petite.

Total: 4

So I'm like 
Kaiosei and Ares hihi nice :meow:

  • Mood: Zest
  • Playing: Animal crossing:new leaf
  • Eating: quesadillas
  • Drinking: cold coffee


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