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Random from my friend's Ocs

Random from Dark Link,Gufuu and Vaati :B


:iconmarshie-chan: :iconsheikah-amicia: :iconask-vaatithegrape: :iconshun-eren: :icontanializz1: :iconjdan-s: :icontheageofart: :iconthewindwakersdream: :iconkazayra: :iconjeremy796: :iconsir-oscuro: :iconsorcererapprentice: :iconanissa-erin: :iconeruzhe: :iconshadoru-flames: :iconaticum: :iconlexiepotter: :iconmayjasmine: :iconwindseternallullaby: :iconshadowstalker-04:


Other Things :V

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:Link: Spirit Tracks pixel doll by PrinceOfRedroses:Link: Minish Cap pixel by PrinceOfRedroses

Stamp: Stop the Hate by Pickle-PawsPurple dA by stuck-in-suburbiaEqual Rights FTW by stuck-in-suburbiaI don't want to. by OerbaYunFangyStamp: Free-Thinker by 8manderz8Don't Stereotype Me Stamp by silber-engleinLuigi's Mansion Stamp by CursedMoonlightWind Waker Stamp by FreezingIceKirbyI wish I could give you a hug by CatusSnakeKrystal Stamp by pyrohmstrCharlie Sheen is a ninja Stamp by Fyi-SusSquishy Stamp Off the Port Bow by endlerExceptForThemCertainOnes by endler-Shopkeeper Dance Stamp- by CynicalCucco-No Thank You Stamp- by CynicalCucco:S: Im Tsundere by HinachuuLlamas by stuck-in-suburbiaI'll Send My Heart Stamp by mylastelWeird Stamp by JetProwerTheFox:iconfriendoclove1plz::iconfriendoclove2plz:Emoticons Stamp by KatieBug-x...5 by SirvanaRachanaComments Stamp by MrsZeldaLinkFriendship stamp by JinZhanI love my Friends by Sedma:Community Love is Contagious by BeMyValentinePlzBeating Heart Stamp by Vexic929:heartbeat: by BeMyValentinePlz:iconfourezlosplz:.:Nyan Nyan Dark:. by MayJasmineShadow Link pixel doll by Ask--Shadow---Link

Friends and Family

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Awesome Friends :iconlaexplodeplz:


:iconsorcererapprentice: My adopted son :iconchuplz:

:iconshadowstalker-04: My Buddy :icondathylianassplz: ((now you are the dog of the family :iconheplz:))

:iconwindseternallullaby: My 2 Adoptive son :iconmomoglompplz:(and My favorite one :XD:)
:iconeruzhe: Sweet shy baby boy! :tighthug::smooch:
:iconshun-eren: My future Husbando! :B hahaha ok no >w>

:iconaticum: My favorite Daughter who i call hermija :U :icondeathhugplz:

:icontanializz: My new daughter now :la::huggle:

My Crazy sister >u< :iconmayjasmine: :iconplzhug:

soon to be brother in law :eyes: :iconjeremy796:



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Viola Tricolor by mintyyHeart Border [Purple/Black] by RevPixyViola Tricolor by mintyyDark Link Plays The Ocarina by Kimi-No-Tame-Ni

CuteVioletPlz by SimplySilentCuteVioletPlz by SimplySilentCuteVioletPlz by SimplySilentCuteVioletPlz by SimplySilentCuteVioletPlz by SimplySilentCuteVioletPlz by SimplySilent


Oct 20, 2014
5:09 am
Oct 20, 2014
4:10 am
Oct 20, 2014
3:52 am
Oct 19, 2014
10:46 pm
Oct 19, 2014
8:38 pm

Darky love!

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 photo 002_by_d_arker_h_alf-d82jxdm_zps55b2c0b0.png photo 001_by_d_arker_h_alf-d82jxd2_zpsa3d58e62.png photo 43532294_480mw_zps4a0826e5.jpg photo 45265157_480mw_zps18fb7757.jpg photo tumblr_mu1vh6ghpX1rh6gzpo1_500_zps02f598eb.jpg photo tumblr_mtzwrrtKVa1rthxs5o2_500_zps9ccb2058.png All the images are from… go check her page :iconlainloveplz:


Queen-Harpy-Bee's Profile Picture
Melisa Romani

Hello there everyone! just a gamer nerd and photographer here. :peace:
keep in mind that my first language is spanish and second one english but i do my best to type it well.

also please don't ask me why i give a llama i'm kinda tired of it,i just give it randomly when i feel like it XD

and sorry i know i delete some advice but since people keep doing it i'll repeat it.
please PLEASE don't come to my page to argue about me giving you a llama!
i have better things to do and i'm not going to discuss something so trivial. if that bother someone so much just ignore it and i will ignore any comment thank you.


all the chats are private sorry :'P


cutedance troupe :iconshadowstalker-04::iconwindseternallullaby::iconsorcererapprentice::iconthewindwakersdream:


OC's are the best by birdewilliamsDA stamp - Roleplays 006 by tppgraphicsTomboy and Girly-Girl by LinkerbellMy Attitude by Fyi-SusWhy do you? by ARTic-WeatherHaters gonna Hate by SparkLumFruits of the Triforce - STAMP by TheGreenDragonGirlOscar Wilde Quotes 3 by Claire-stampsIt's No Excuse Stamp by In-The-ZoneWorry So Much stamp by Mirz123True Friends Stamp by Mirz123..Real Paper Stamp.. by Rabid-WeaselsMinish Vaati support stamp by Vanghiratard by BaconMagicgrumpycat by rosariocentralplzGrumpy Cat stamp by biiriWe tried. by EfanielStamp: Gentleness by delusional-dreamsStamp: Kindness by delusional-dreamsStamp: Listener by delusional-dreamsStamp: Self Control by delusional-dreamsLaughter Heals by delusional-dreamsLove by MarzarretFriends by KiagouTombBe Kind Stamp by SouthrobinFriends Make Mistakes Too by mylastelEssence of Friendship Stamp by mylastelStamp: Enemies as Friends by SouthrobinStamp: The Future Belongs to by SouthrobinStamp: Words of Encouragement by SouthrobinStamp: The Loneliest People by SouthrobinCussing by Vexic929Friendship Should Trascend Difference by crazylaura64Just Don't by crazylaura64Different Opinions Stamp by mylastelExcuse Stamp by TheBloodskinsOne or Two Friends is Enough by mylastelKnow Me Better Stamp by mylastelFriends stamp by Meddle689My friend stamp by TransitusI don't know you enough. by PrincessFlawreal friends vs fake ones by silver-escapeConsole wars. by Monster-BoarTomatoStamp_Postal by TomatoDragonTomatoDragonStamp_1 by TomatoDragonTomato box fairy stamp by JulesieKnowledge vs. Wisdom stamp by BasmaSmileyParty Hard Scootaloo Stamp by mariokinzNostalgia Critic by shortviewWarning hyperness stamp by AzixelYGOTAS: Hug :Stamp: by Circe-BakaWhy so British by Cute-and-CuddlyRarity "Wut" Stamp by mariokinz

No Thanks-Stamp-Long button by Dinoclawsdon't thank me for llama by SavalisteStamp: Llamas for favs by JammerleeDon't Thank Me for the Llama by DirtyZephyrAssassinLlama Bagde thanks stamp by izka197Llama Whore by PatrickRuegheimerDeviant Llama Stamp by LiraWMRead first or GTFO by Noiry


Wedding Meme and other tag

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 7, 2014, 5:48 PM
Sorry about that other journal,i know it wasn't depressive or anything but kinda negative so i decide to delete it and try to relax with my tag pending and other one i find XP

The results on the first one are totally random believe it or not :iconwoooplz:

Wedding meme
- Pick 13 people
- Use:

1)Your Groom/Bride: :iconshadowstalker-04:
hahaha well well i admit i always wanted to Marry you Buddy :iconimhappyplz:

2)The Best Man: :iconlexiepotter:
but you are not a man O_o

3)The Ring Bearer: :iconsir-oscuro:

4)The Flower Girl: :icontheageofart:

5)The Wedding Planner: :iconeruzhe: aww XD

6)The Priest:  :iconwindseternallullaby:

7)The Bride's Maid: :iconaticum: that title is perfect for you dear :thumbsup:

8)The Chef: :iconsheikah-amicia:

9)The Father-in-Law: :iconthewindwakersdream: i barely know you but ok :O

10)The Overly-Joyed Crying Mother-in-Law: :iconevelein-claire: whut XD

11)The Best Man Is Watching: :iconsorcererapprentice:

12)The Jealous One: :iconmayjasmine: ....:ohnoes:

13)The Wedding Crasher:   :iconshun-eren: pfft you don't want me to marry you and won't let me marry someone else :iconwhymemeplz:


ok that was fun XD now the questions of :iconaticum:

1-What is your favorite personality for a heroe? And for a villain?
hmm for a heroes maybe being cool and badass and funny too XD
as for a villain not sure i can't even explain on english :dead:

2-Do you prefer heroes, or villains? Why?
Villains all the way :V honestly i was always neutral towards both until i start RP and there my adoptive sons aswell as friends are so i start to being ok with it hahaha

3-Who is your favorite villain/heroe? Why?
I guess it means an official one so i choose skully cause was the first one and the poor thing just wanted friends T_T

4-In you could live in any fictional universe/realm, where would you rather live?
can i live on more than one? ;_; i would love to see Lorule,hyrule and that kingdom where your Ocs are from.

5-Favorite fandom?
can't say i have favorites and honestly i rather not to be in any,i just love stuff and that's it ^^; and not sure if Ocs stuff counts XD

6-Favorite fictional character?
more than one for sure! including Vaati,Dark Link and the rest Ocs and half Ocs :I

7-Do you like any of my OCs? If you do, which one and why?
Nono i don't like your Ocs...I LOVE YOUR FRIGGIN OCS!!
Eruzhe! because he is just so sweet and cute it give diabetes *dies*
And Shun but is more complicated to me to explain,let's just say i don't like him for his look ewe

8-Do you have OCs? If you do, which one is your favorite, and why?
yep i have 2 but need many development xwx i guess Maddie because i like being a meanie sometimes XDD

9-What is your favorite dessert?
Flan owo

10-Which kind of place is the one in which you relax the most?
only videogames one and are Luigi's mansion,Beach delfino and some places of my hometown ;w;

  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: My 3ds music
  • Drinking: cold water


And...pout by Queen-Harpy-Bee
because is been like more than a year since i submit a photo of me XD plush i cut my hair haha
gosh first time i feel like crying because some old chat i read...damn the feels ;_;
What do you think of DA new feature?
19 deviants said hate it.
14 deviants said neutral
9 deviants said kinda like it
8 deviants said copy of facebook and tumblr
1 deviant said love it!

What do you think of DA new feature? 

19 deviants said hate it.
14 deviants said neutral
9 deviants said kinda like it
8 deviants said copy of facebook and tumblr
1 deviant said love it!

Features :3

 photo headerbackbox2_zps22161c70.jpg>

1-:iconmayjasmine: [H:UtS] Prince Idiotic by MayJasmineCrimson Twilight by MayJasmine

2-:iconaticum: Death by AticumThe Shy boy by Aticum

3-:iconshadoru-flames: Pokemon: Raichu. by Shadoru-FlamesPokemon: Jigglypuff. by Shadoru-Flames

4-:iconlexiepotter: C'mon Commander! by lexiepotterWhere Are You, Love? by lexiepotter

Random Section

large-white photo large-white-1.jpg>

 photo tumblr_mwwyqfoPr91qdlh1io1_400_zps43b25d95.gif photo tumblr_mvlwuoZ9cT1qakpx1o1_250_zps49babace.gif photo tumblr_mcg7ll5lVk1rb7c3jo1_500_zpsa8086e1e.gif photo tumblr_m96z1zLYCE1rowtfoo1_500_zpsef2f97e7.gif photo tumblr_n307a37XqO1qbi0ero1_r1_400_zpsd24289ed.gif


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